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Allergies by Air Conditioning

To start with this article it is good to clarify that air conditioners are not the cause of allergies, however the misuse of these, for example at very low temperatures or poor maintenance that may have their equipment, can lead to temporary colds.

According to Richard Lebowitz, specialist in otorhinolaryngology at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York, he said “Air conditioners with clean filters can reduce sinus problems by keeping allergens out of the air, but there is no way to avoid the nasal discharge that comes from changes in temperature and humidity.

The air conditioning filter helps to air-condition your home, and is able to clean the air of the home from microscopic particles of pollen and dust, capture pollutants such as viruses and bacteria.

Although the presence of pollen is greater in open spaces, the cleaner the air inside the house, the better it will be to alleviate the typical symptoms of allergies. Air conditioning equipment that incorporates air purifiers can help to avoid allergies as they help maintain a clean environment of pollen and dust, maintaining optimal indoor air quality, so this will help reduce symptoms.


To avoid allergens in areas with air conditioning follow these tips:


  • Keep the windows closed to maintain the temperature, and above all to avoid the entry of pollen.


  • Acquire air conditioners with quality filter system.


  • Clean the air filters, as these with time of use accumulate traces of dust that need to be cleaned, for this it is important to hire trained personnel.
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