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Before Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning Services

This is a service only for existing house that are most of our customers situation.

Owners and tenants always pay attention to the good working of the AC Unit, but only a few in the best case take cere of the good standing of the duct system. This is normal because the duct system is inside the walls and ceiling and you cannot see them easily.

Experience has showed that the duct system accumulate a lot of dust with contamination and impurities with bacteria and other allergens elements that potentially can reduce the quality of the air that you breathe inside your office or home.

It has become an important issue to pay attention if your duct system is older than three years old.

We can take a look to your duct system and clean it if it is necessary so you can avoid heath problems for your family or team of workers

The indoor air cleaning quality is an important issue and we are here to help.

Here you have some pictures and videos that show you how we can remove these dust and allergically elements that can harm your health.


Our duct cleaning service start at only $39.99

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After Duct Cleaning

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