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We indicate some simple steps so that the use of your air conditioning is efficient

We indicate some simple steps so that the use of your air conditioning is efficient

Use of efficient air conditioning

1 When buying an air conditioner consider factors such as the climate where you live, the size of your home and how many people live in it, as well as the orientation of your home.

2 Choose a model with thermostat and numerical reading, since the variation of one degree increases energy consumption by up to 8%.

3 If you do not have a thermostat you can install one, but do it away from sources of heat.

4 When you turn it on, you should not adjust the thermostat to a lower temperature than you want, since you will not be able to cool the room faster and you will spend more energy without being necessary.

5 Keep in mind that evaporative cooling equipment consumes less energy.

6 Place your air conditioner in a place where it does not receive direct sunlight.

7 The area where you place your air conditioner should have a good air circulation.

8 Keep it off if you’re not at home.

9 When the air conditioner is in use, avoid opening doors and windows unnecessarily.

10 The humidity recommended ranges from 40º and 60º C.

11 For the temperature between 22º and 25º C it will be sufficient, and in case the temperature increases, reducing the air conditioning degrees the environment will maintain the same thermal sensation.

12 Keep the air conditioning inlets and outlets clean, as well as the filters, preventing them from becoming clogged by dirt and dust.

13 Use awnings and keep the curtains and blinds closed during the hottest hours to reduce the energy consumption of your air conditioning up to 30%

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