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HVAC the most advanced technology

HVAC is a system that integrates heating, ventilation and air conditioning, has as variables the interior environmental comfort, thermal comfort, cooling, heating, dehumidification, air movement and indoor air quality.

A central heating and air conditioning unit combines the functions of an air conditioner with those of a heater in a single unit. This type of unit is installed outdoors and can be powered by a variety of types of energy, such as gas or electricity.

Some of the main benefits of this type of air conditioning system include its space-saving design and its lower price compared to a system divided into three differentiated and non-integrated equipment.

The HVAC system provides adequate air flow, heating and cooling for each area; maintaining reliably the required values ​​of temperature, humidity and air quality, independently of the fluctuations in the environment (adjacent, exterior zones).

It is a versatile system that can be used both in the home and in buildings, shopping centers and commercial premises adapting to eventual climate changes.

Among its main advantages are:

  • Air quality.
  • Thermal comfort.
  • Control and regulation of temperature.
  • Circulation of constant fresh air.
  • Air filtration, with multiple filtering system.
  • Efficient and economical for its price and as an energy saving.
  • Variable air volume.
  • Digital type control system.
  • It adapts to the four seasons of the year.
  • Elemental for use in critical areas such as hospitals, hotels, laboratories, among others.

At All Day Air Conditioning Inc., we have this technology system, which will provide you with the comfort you need for the area of ​​your choice, at home, at the workplace or wherever you need it.

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