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Save Electricity

The air conditioning systems are the solution for hot weather, but its inappropriate use brings with it a considerable increase in electricity consumption and that consumption translates into money spent uselessly.

The high temperatures reached by mercury during the summer in some areas, make the air conditioning is essential, but it is common to cool the house suppose that the thermostat is set far below the recommended and for each degree that lowers the temperature in the air conditioning, you spend 8% more electricity, however, with a rational use of this type of air conditioning it is possible to be cool at home without spending too much, for this reason we will give you some simple tips to put it in practice.

By purchasing the right equipment and following these tips, it is possible to be at home at an appropriate temperature without passing heat and, at the same time, save energy. People who still do not have air conditioning at home and need it are in time to acquire a device that consumes less electricity.

The larger equipment, with greater power and refrigeration capacity is not always the most suitable for all houses. It is necessary to take into account the size of the room in which it will be placed, the orientation of the house or the cooling needs of the apartment. Acquiring equipment above the needs can suppose a higher and continuous expense.

Place the equipment in the right place, it is best to install the air conditioner so that the sun gives as little as possible and in places where there is good air circulation.

Turn on the air only when necessary, in the days not too hot you can choose other alternatives.

Turn off the equipment for a while before leaving; the cool will remain in the room for a few more minutes.

Avoid leaving the air on when you go out for a long time, although it seems obvious, some people forget to turn off the air conditioning.

Remember to close the doors and windows, because the air that enters is hot and the one that comes out of the equipment is cold, so the appliance will have to make a higher effort.

Condition your home with elements that help keep the house cooler without the need to spend electricity. Awnings, blinds, pergolas or curtains do not let sunlight in and prevent the house from getting hot.

Opt for light colors for the walls of your house, as they reflect the light and prevent the house from heating up.

It cleans the equipment frequently, since if they accumulate dirt or dust, the filters become clogged, the performance of the system is reduced and, therefore, the energy consumption is greater.

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